A.J. Kaufmann: Broke Nuptial Minds


brings forth the anvil of flesh
in a crucial parody
of devotion

gunned down & pleased
while ripped apart
at the anvil's
rusted edge

the city's all around... watching....
recording... improving.... growing...
seeking a cure for its caner

it's there... your passions reviewed
in crashed corridors of velvet.

- Smothering Camera Still

Broke Nuptial Minds is a collection of some of A.J. Kaufmann's best poetry to date. This prolific young man has quickly gained readership in America & abroad. Now this Polish poet comes to Virgogray Press with a release of dynamic surrealism and incantational verse. Broke Nuptial Minds is a a modern day shaman's journey through the dark roads & caverns of humanity.

Cover Art: Justin Jackley

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